Have you ever been in an interaction with a girl and it feels as though things are going well… She’s into you and you’re moving things forward, but all of a sudden the girl starts to lose interest?

You didn’t do anything differently, but before you know it she’s gone and you have no idea why.

Confusing right?

Well, there’s a reason for this, and it’s a very common mistake that most guys make…

They’re pushing the interaction forward too aggressively, and it gets to a point where the girl feels as though it’s just too much and has to leave.

Yet if they do the opposite (give her plenty of room and not push at all), all that will happen is they’ll get a depolarized, boring and “fluff” interaction.

So what’s the right thing to do?

Well, in order to get intimate with any girl, she needs to feel two things between you and her…

The first is Arousal (otherwise you’ll just become another friendly guy who doesn’t excite her at all), and the second is Trust (she needs to be able to feel as though she can relax around you without feeling pressured).

Building the two is a dynamic process that you move between throughout the entire interaction, and is essential all the way until you start getting more intimate with her...

I explain exactly how to build the two throughout any interaction in the video, scroll up, click on the video to check it out.


Valentino Kohen
Executive Coach