Why are most guys unsuccessful with girls?

Well, the answer is actually pretty simple...

You see, the society we both live in is programming us with beliefs and ways of thinking that are often not only wrong, but can do a lot of harm when accepted for the truth without question…

So I want to share with you three of the biggest myths that 99% of guys fall for when it comes to dating and relationships (and end up consistently failing with girls because of them).

In my latest video, I uncover:

  • What it really means if a girl doesn’t comply with you (and why it’s not a big deal at all)
  • How girls want you to escalate physically (this is completely different to what us guys instinctively think is the right way)
  • The truth about looks and if they really matter (looks are one of the first things to be blamed for lack of success with girls by almost any guy)

These myths are ingrained into us through our society from a young age, and making sure you don’t fall victim to them can cause a huge change in your interactions and success with women…

Scroll up to check out the video.

Valentino Kohen
Executive Coach