Have you ever met a girl, and you really liked her.

And she liked you… BUT only as a friend.

In other words, you were “friend zoned”…

It’s a very common experience that almost all guys go through at some point.

And I probably don’t need to remind you of how much pain and frustration it can cause to always end up in the friend zone, having no idea why or how you got there.

However, the good news is that escaping the friend zone isn’t very complicated or difficult at all once you know how.

There are two very simple things that you can do in any interaction, that will make it literally impossible for you to be put in the friend zone ever again (as long as you don’t stop doing these things when they’re needed).

And by doing this you will even be able to escape from the friend zone of the girls who put you there in the past (you never have to stay there if you don’t want to).

I show you these two simple ways of escaping the friend zone in my latest video, scroll up to check it out.

Valentino Kohen
Executive Coach